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Even before he was expelled for treasonous activities from the Soviet Union in 1929, Trotsky’s distorted version of ‘Socialism’ had attracted the attention of the anti-Soviet ideologues in the USA.Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest that after WWII, what had by then become referred to as ‘Trotskyism’ was used as the basis for the US anti-Soviet (and anti-Communist) Cold War rhetoric.Moving east, he was at Tyumen, Tobolsk, Tomsk, Yeniseisk (1641) and Yakutsk(1642).In 1642 he joined a group of about 100 men under Ivan Rebrov who went down the Lena to the sea and up the Olenyok River to the west. Two years later they were defeated by the local Tungus and fled down the river.In this regard, he certainly was not a Marxist or Marxist-Leninist, and had no theoretical interest in those ideologies.Trotsky was criticised by Lenin – and later by Stalin – for continuously failing to understand and interpret history from a Marxist perspective.

When he arrived at Srednekolymsk in 1645 he had 12 men with him and, probably, his Yakut concubine.Many, as the years went by, attempted acts of sabotage against the Soviet State, destroying technology and machinery, and interfering with scientific research.Some even attempted to undermine the morale of the Red Army, and turn its officers against the Soviet State it had helped to build.4) He was some other Russian who does not appear in the surviving records.About all we can say is that some Russians reached Kamchatka in the second half of the 17th century and died there.