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This confidence is uniquely empowering and that's what enables high engagement on dating apps these days,” said “We aren't like Western dating apps, which are primarily for 'hook-ups'.

Nor are we your traditional desi matrimonial sites.

The decision is now taken by the individual, and not by anyone else,” added Menon.

Dating apps are like a free market economy for relationships in general and sex in particular.

Unlike the West, where one night stands is not seen as a social taboo, in India, people browsing these apps, often look for a long time commitment.All information about a user is self-updated and the existing user can anytime update or remove any or all information as per their personal preferences.If they deactivate their account, all their information gets wiped off too,” Bhatia added.Bengaluru: Since downloading the Truly Madly dating app two years ago, Arsath Ajmal hasn’t ventured out on a single date. The 27-year-old pharmacist lives in a small town on India’s southeast coast and is loath to upset local sensibilities.“I’m scared that my friends or neighbours will spot me and start rumors,” he says.