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We did 26 episodes this season, which felt so daunting at the beginning and then they just seemed to have so many adventures.

Yeah, and I think what happened in our show this season hasn’t happened in a lot of shows. ” And to me that was like a reset, almost, for the show.

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Here, we get the low down on being more than just actors from two of the show’s most important (and over achieving) people, creator/showrunner/lead actress Mindy Kaling, and producer/writer/director/actor Ike Barinholtz.

We had twins for a while, but now we just have one ‘hero child’.

This is actually what the episode we’re shooting right now is about; we have one hero child and a couple of backups. I’m a father of two; it’s fun to have a little energy around.

Well, you know, I had been on a show for eight years where I played the same character, and in sitcoms, I feel like you learn from the writing side.

There are usually the five leads who are allowed to evolve and have things happen to them and then everyone else is just supposed to be like a kind of resilient cartoon character, where anything happens and then they reset every episode.