Ics email widget not updating

While the times and dates are still screwed up, I at least have a list of my events. Per Bill Farquharson above: "Open the file located in \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\[email protected]\Measures Highlight lines 334 thru to 353 (Starts with Google Calendar = ,) Paste in the lines from t0mmy9's link to over right. I also changed line 192 in the as mentioned by t0mmy9 local Timestamp = SELF: Get Option('Timestamp', '%I.%M %p on %d %B %Y') to local Timestamp = SELF: Get Option('Timestamp', '%d %B %Y - %I.%M %p') This made the skin show Date, Month, Year then Time Great work. I'm not so sure that the problem is what chernobog suggested: it'd be great to have a simple write-to-file to see the state of the date variable at a given time.The problem could also be somewhere in the identifydate function.It is looking for text that is specific to GCal feeds, and that text is still in the feed, but the script doesn't appear to be finding it anymore. Just a questions, how to edit the event's time/date format? Example: mine is showing the Event's date/time as 12.00AM on 29 December 2014, can i change to - 12.00AM? Change the Output function from: local Timestamp = SELF: Get Option('Timestamp', '%I.%M %p on %d %B %Y') to local Timestamp = SELF: Get Option('Timestamp', '%d %B %Y - %I.%M %p') Just read the Lua documentation to change it further thanks for the effort and Im happy to hear that it has worked for some folks. But I too am still only showing the current date/time for all my events. The Match Item Date variable just needs a better regular expression to scrape the appointment date.Unfortunately, i too am still missing the times (time is latest refresh). I tried adding the xml private and normal address: https:// https:// Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? As suggested, I entered the new xml address using the Enigma options, as opposed to editing the file. I tried a few different regexs, but couldn't get it right. It sounds like some (Bill Farquharson and t0mmy9) are getting the correct dates while others are not, which seems strange. Lefky - I got mine to work yesterday using t0mmy9's solution above.Made a few edits to get my gmail and rss feeds back!The removal of past events is fine for calendar items, but it also excluded my gmail and rss feed items from being added.

Meridiem = s:match(Match Time) 342: Date.month, Date.day, Date.year, Date.hour, Date.

Just click that, and it'll be added instantly -- no muss, no fuss.

The created GCal events will even link back to the original email in case you need it.

And it appears to be working without changing "full" to "basic".

Still some issues, but huge thanks to all who have contributed.