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When I posted my last two blogs about my experience in the ICOC ( That has never happened before, and I wrote them for my own benefit, I felt like I needed to. ” To be honest I didn’t expect this particular blog to be read 133 times in one day, or 100 times every following day for a week or so.

As I read through the stories and emails my mom called me “Queen of the Damned” I am a huge Anne Rice fan, so I was flattered, but upon considering what she meant, the title rang true.Being a kingdom kid drove me to a life of doubt confusion, I couldn’t trust anyone.Now as an adult, found myself lost and still holding on to my teachings from when I belonged to the ICOC still living with the fear of going to hell because of the life I live so when I ran in to an old friend I wanted to believe that this new found church (Kips church ICC) was different… They are obsessed with tithe and have a double standard.not knowing it I was suffering from bipolar disorder …Always being told everything I was doing was wrong, that my feelings condemned me to hell and feeling ashamed for the way I felt. I am choosing not to go in to detail about my childhood due to the fact I dont want to re-live it at this time.