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The andesite stones have had their oxidized surfaces engraved with depictions that call into question just about everything science has taught us about the origin of our planet, ourselves, and other species.

The Ica stones are a collection of stones allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru.

In fact, it appears that the stones could be as old as 100,000 years old. By comparison, the pyramids were built less than 5,000 years ago! Some of the images are of humans coexisting with dinosaurs.

One even illustrates mankind coexisting with a creature that was thought by those in the scientific community to have become extinct more than 200 million years ago.

The stones even depict blood transfusions being done, during prehistoric times!

They even depict organ transplants being performed somewhere between 98,000-58,000 BC!

When he first saw the stone, he was awestruck by it.

human beings are portrayed as having domesticated animals that appear to be DINOSAURS and are using them for transportation and warfare.The skeptics have claimed that his release of the stones to the public was a hoax for purposes of profit.This theory simply does not hold water, because Dr. In fact, he has spent money on releasing the stones to the public.There have been many people that have attempted to dispute this evidence, but it seems that they are genuine.The stones are made out of a material, called andesite.