I am dating a jehovah witness

But do JW win souls for christ, I pity u people lot has defellowshiped not because they've known d truth, but could sit nd reason, studied d bible well nd they've been able to come to a concluision dat dis JW re nofin but deceite. i was refering to an experience of my nieghbour whose marriage has beside if u continue d relationship ur kids in d future will end up hating christianity and religion as a stop bashing d Jwits for dier belife,u have urs too.every belife is subject scrutiny only if u r using d bible as ur base for the same read proverbs and 22:3.i have dated an non witness girl b4 but we had to stop so dat we dont regret in the future.ifyebere: @Oahray which people knows d bible, I can see u're a JW. Can't u see for a grown JW nd non JW agree to come 2gda as 1, my church or parent will never treat u as an outcast, but d JWs wil defellowship u, nd family treating u like an outcast, is dis what christ tot us in d bible.

Why is it you do not offer animal sacrifices today? Those peeps obviously know the bible more than you do and they are very open.What happens when your own family do not like her for her religion (many people do no like JWs, at times for no good reason)? For the sake of your happiness and hers, do no marry anyone with major difference in religious beliefs whatever the denomination.Do not make a fake conversion either, cos you would only pile up disagreements for later.No one says you will not make heaven if you don't marry from your own denomination, but remember israelites were asked to stay clear from marrying another tribe back then why becos of contamination, a bad friend spoils useful habits, the mentality of other denominations is totally worldly, its like comparing a child from dirty public school to that from rich well trained private schools, there will be contamination and that could affect her spirituality, I am not trying to persuade any one to join Jw, but am convinced that jw is the only religion that has not failed.This is because we do not steal,kill, bribe or join politics.