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She eventually quit her corporate job and took up her "passion project" full time.Amrossi, who can't fly a plane, sometimes partners with Fly NYON, a company that specializes in chartering photography flights.

I remember being slightly frustrated in high school because I was re-learning what I had already learned at Nysmith.

“After World War II, the United States recruited Nazi scientists and used them for a variety of things, to develop weaponry and technology,” reports filmmaker Christopher Garetano.

According to people allegedly involved in the Montauk Project, those same scientists went on to Camp Hero in Montauk, NY, to conduct frightening and illegal experiments.

"It is always stuck in my head on repeat 24/7." Natalie Amrossi, a 27-year-old aerial photographer living in New York City, makes six figures a year shooting for clients like Nike, Barcardi and Cannon.

After going to college for business and finance, she landed a job at JPMorgan where she toiled for three years.

Hunter ny dating service