Housewife video chat

As we’ve said before, Robyn should be the goofy mom in a Nickelodeon tween show and Charrisse should have a home improvement show called Chateau Cha Cha.

Gizelle would be a great Elisabeth Hasselbeck contrarian type on The View.

We judge the claim that women were institutionalized and made to wear fake smiles to make them happier housewives in the 1930s as false.

Exaggerated claims about past indignities visited upon the American housewife such as these are not uncommon in modern folklore.

And, uh, Karen can be on the Home Shopping Network.

Ray is overly concerned with the scallops, but, as always, just happy to be there.

Charrisse is preparing for her daughter Skylar’s sweet 16 party, and chilling poolside with Ashley and Monique.

Ironically, although this dissatisfaction undoubtedly pushed some women into psychiatric treatment, the growing acceptance of psychoanalytic theory during that period also, according to sociologist Jonathan Metzl, “enabled the perception — indeed, the misperception — that women’s unrest led to symptoms in men.” That the dissatisfaction of women posed a threat to domestic tranquility during the 1950s and ’60s was clearly seen as a problem, then, though to the extent anyone proposed a medical solution — for sufferers of either gender — it tended to be in the form of drugs such as Valium (“Mother’s Little Helpers”), not institutionalization and shock therapy (though such was not unheard of).

But again, this all took place after World War II, not during the 1930s when the photograph in question was allegedly taken.