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It’s time to find a new fashionable dip that won’t weigh on your conscience – “blood guacamole” will be off the menu in 2017.Could you fall in love and have a meaningful relationship with a robot?This is where benching comes into play; instead of going for either of the two former rash options, you simply place the date in your mental 'maybe' folder - 'bench them' as they say in the sporting world - and scout around to see what's out enough to keep them hanging on, without having to put a ton of effort in.Talk about game-playing."Benchers will tell you that their behavior is a way to put a relationship on hold, to hit pause before deciding how they really want to play it," Chen explains. If fans are focused on streaming services, the question the music world needs to ask itself in 2017 is – are albums really necessary?

No successful relationship was ever born from a situation in which one person strung the other along until — in a moment of epiphany — he realised everything glorious and noble and luminescent was in front of him all along. He's just not that into you."And well, he's got a point, hasn't he. The playlist at the party suggested this was the case the excitement of making a new discovery.The rush of pleasure at feeling you are in on a secret before anyone else.With the UK currently the biggest waster of food in Europe – tossing out 10 million tonnes a year – the scale of the challenge is staggering.But a wave of creative initiatives, designed to raise awareness, tackle waste and combat austerity are springing up across the country – the first food waste supermarket has already opened in Leeds, food waste supper clubs are appearing, and there are plans for a crowdfunded food waste restaurant in Manchester that, like the supermarket, will be run by the Real Junk Food Project and will operate on a “pay what you feel” basis.