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Like he taking his shoes off in her house and she going out to barbeques under the sun with him.

In line with Hannah and Alex’s story that explains how Alex puts up with Hannah’s “sajiao” tantrums, making the effort to question the importance of and even partaking in the significant other’s customs warrants a stronger understanding of their not only their heritage, but their heritage-influenced personality.

Chances are, you don’t even realize you’re doing this. The word ‘BPD’ has so many negative words associated with it.

I’m sure you’ve seen these thrown all over the web.

Pay attention to all the behaviors, words, actions that you’re experiencing in the present moment, and how to respond to these situations.

Now the way I interpret this list is that BPD is basically a large umbrella with all these issues underneath it. As a result, most people generalize Borderlines to be one and the same. Your girlfriend has her own unique experiences as well. Further more, as someone who was a Borderline/codependent man, I know on a personal level what is required to recover and date these types of people successfully (which is why I believe my website has gained a lot of popularity).

For such a relationship – and any other inter-racial relationship – to last the test of time, mutual respect for each other’s cultures is a natural necessity.

Mutual respect goes beyond simply acknowledging each other’s traditions; it’s also about cultural tolerance.

Also, in Asian cultures maintaining “face” is much esteemed – having a well-to-do spouse or simply a spouse is admired greatly and lusted after.

Definitely a viable proposition as to why some Asian women don’t mind being an “accessory” hanging off their white husband’s arms.