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If you really want to impress, you can follow your email with a hand-written note to add a personal touch.

If you were introduced by a third party, communicate any outcomes from your coffee chat, and express your gratitude for the introduction.

Make Cold Introductions Successfully The best way to make a cold introduction is to avoid making one in the first place.

Even if you've never met someone, you can warm a cold email or call by mentioning a familiar person, institution or common interest.

This means that the server has to receive and send, and the client has to send as well as receive Step 5: Wrapping the client from step 4 into a very simple GUI interface but not changing the functionality of either server or client.

The client is implemented as an Applet, but a Frame would have worked just as well (for a stand-alone program).

Always Follow Up As a general rule of thumb, I advise our clients to follow up with someone within 24 hours of making a connection.

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Always Be Prepared Be ready to introduce yourself, and be informed for your coffee chat.

A specific call to action such as "I'm looking for an internship as a consulting firm like firm A, or firm B.

Can you recommend anyone there who can speak to me about the recruiting process? In particular, listen for opportunities where you might be able to add value.

Your introduction should show that you have knowledge of the person's work, and offer a specific reason why you'd like to talk.

Ensure that the message imparts urgency and courtesy by offering to meet the other person at time and location that is convenient to them.