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Gilmore was excluded because his polling numbers did not meet the 1 percent threshold for participation. 16 when he watched from afar as his 15 major rivals for the Republican presidential nomination debated on CNN.His three debate partners -- Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Rick Santorum -- list no military service in their resumes.The Democrats While we’re on the subject, let’s look at the military records of the five most prominent Democratic candidates.

Gilmore live-tweeted through it all, accusing his colleagues of misunderstanding issues, ducking questions and exhibiting facial expressions that were unpresidential.

The project was aborted for fear that it might earn the Golden Fleece Award of then-Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin for the month’s most ridiculous government waste of taxpayers’ money. Let’s say that I predict that an earthquake will occur in the Puget Sound region within a two-week period of June of this year.

An earthquake occurs, but it is of M 2, not “large” by anyone’s definition.

And then, there was this , made during the 11-candidate debate: "Not one candidate on the stage has military experience, and it shows," Gilmore wrote.

We decided to check whether any of the prime-time debaters ever wore the uniform.