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"I've been happily married in a mixed race marriage for seven years. military (where I was disabled) and watched all kinds of races die in service to the pledge to protect every American's freedom.

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Marriage is sacrosanct, for the Hindus believe that marriage is not only a means of continuing the family but also a way of repaying one's debt to the ancestors.Nevertheless, polygamy was rampantly practiced in ancient Hindu society.(CNN) -- "Interracial/interethnic marriage is a great way of fighting war, hatred and prejudice. That comment was one of the thousands of responses to the story about a new study from the Pew Research Center that found interracial and interethnic marriages are at a record high of about one in seven.However, with a little variation, the usual wedding rituals are more or the less the same throughout India.What if the girl or the boy refuses to marry the person chosen by their parents?