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“A previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her,” Usher said in the documents.

Moreover, Usher said the woman could have contracted the STD after their alleged encounter.

But as I dashed down his stairs and into the night, I felt exhilarated.

Here was someone I had kissed, dated, and genuinely liked.

“Then I’m glad I’m going.” I snatched the bra he had struggled to free and the top I lustfully tore off minutes ago. I remember whispering to my neighbor, who, wide-eyed, nodded in agreement. ” The exam room was sparkling and sterile; the stirrups cold. (Spoiler alert: everything down there was in proper order.) Months later, during a visit home, my father: “What’s the difference between love and herpes? “Herpes lasts forever.” *** Eventually, the virus that lay dormant inside of me slayed my fear of sex. I’m gonna go.” He jumped into his jeans and out the door. Let’s just fuck.” He was bleary eyed and hazy, the sex jabby and inhuman.

” I asked, just as surprised at his honesty as he was at mine. This is what happens when a penis meets a vagina, the presentation seemed to scream. I flipped on the TV the day of my diagnosis, and the queen from was having her royal gynecological exam. I’m having a hard time processing this information right now.

And then, definitely aloud: “I have herpes.” Silence. “But before you freak out,” I said as casually as I could, “let me tell you about it.” “The transmission risks are tiny,” I started, and they are: about 2–4 percent from woman to man, depending on condom use. I’d worry about how to escape this foreign part of Brooklyn later. Bye then,” I said, stepping toward him, him, a body shellshocked on the bed. So I made a sort of ill-informed compromise with my sexual cravings: everything but. Down there, I looked and felt the same as I always had. And then one day at the office I met him, a tall, dark-haired, sunkissed drink of coworker water. Thanks to herpes, I took things slow, until the temptation to make things NSFW grew too strong.

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Hysterical, I called my nurse, who ordered a cab for me. Even Ok Cupid had turned on my new quarantined clan.I am now confined to partners who think my awesomeness eclipses my cellular flaw — so instead of killing my love life, herpes has weirdly deepened it.Welcome to episode 11 of Life With Herpes, I’m happy you’ve joined me! Then tune into today’s episode to hear my thoughts on this topic, and more. For me when I found out I had herpes I was devastated, shocked, pissed off and hurt. I got it from someone I trusted, and because I trusted him I believed I wouldn’t get herpes.The documents represent the singer’s first official response to lawsuits filed against him by two women and a man who have recently accused the singer of failing to tell them he had the sexually transmitted disease before having sex with them.The unnamed Georgia woman has filed a million lawsuit against Usher, saying she contracted herpes from the R&B superstar during a sexual encounter in April.