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It's fascinating that a 45-second bit cost Brody so dearly, but that's what happens when you cross Lorne Michaels.

Maron’s conversation with Peaches marked the first time he’s had a Canadian musician in his garage.

Following a suicide attempt in 1989, he seemed to have found peace in middle-age.

It’s pretty ironic that, despite having been indelibly tarnished with accusations of misogyny and racism during the 1990s, the influence of both Peter and Type O, who had been ‘on hold’ since 2007’s WHERE AND WHEN WERE YOU BORN ?

The Type O Negative and Carnivore vocalist and bassist lived a full and entertaining 48 years on this planet before succumbing to heart failure on April 14, 2010.

In this, his last, never-before-seen interview with from March 28, 2008, Peter uses his dark and self-deprecating sense of humour to catalogue the life of someone who could never quite fit in.