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Church of the Epiphany is one of the 26 churches scheduled to close. Peter Claver Church in West Hartford, a parish that will survive the consolidation, told NCR that Blair's approach was thorough but lacked an examination of wider issues.

"The nearest thing I can compare this to would be ministering to people who have suffered a death in their family. Her parish was told months ago the statistics about the decline in Mass attendance and priests since 1965.

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In the city of Waterbury alone, the six current parishes will be merged into one.Connecticut's cities have long struggled, and Catholics have left them over the decades into its thriving suburbs."They've done it in a fairly careful way," he said of the archdiocese's process, which in the end offered few surprises to those who were paying attention. John Williams, pastor of Church of the Epiphany in Cheshire, told his congregation on May 7, quoted in the Hartford Courant, that the changes will not come easily. They know what they're doing, and they do everything for you. "Being a member of It's Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they're professionals.

Hartford photo personals dating gay connecticut