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He had cirrhosis of the liver and many other health issues.Due to his ailments he wasn't able to do a transplant bevause his body wasnt able to handle any surgeries.On the morning of Sunday, November 5th Adam Peck was involved in a car accident that took his life, at age 34.He has a wife, 2 young kids, a brother, a mom and dad, and so many family members and friends who love him dearly.

This is for the funeral of the lil 9 year old girl who died in the fire in Massillon ohio..It is with a very heavy heart that April and myself are having to write this.As most of you know, our son Billy passed away very suddenly.If you knew Adam, even just met him, you know that he was funny, caring,... Who better to describe Paulette then a friend, Jessica Farinsky: What a sad dayit still doesn't feel real.Our dear friend Lisa is going through something that no one ever should have to go through. Paulette Quiba was the most caring, intelligent, hardworking, loving person I knew.