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There was no finesse, he just wanted to feel her tight pussy around his fingers.

The first time he forced her to suck his cock while he masturbated spurting his cum into her mouth, almost made her throw up.

Kate was hoping that he would be too drunk to do anything with her. " "No, he was too drunk and fell asleep." "I'm sorry that you have to do that to protect me sis. I love you very much and I'd do anything for my kid brother." She reached down and felt his small erection. She pulled his foreskin back exposing the small head.

She could take it when he came in her mouth as she could spit it out; it was the rape she hated. He moaned as she licked around the end, tasting his precum, surprised that a ten year old boy could produce any.

When he started beating Ben, the only way she could stop him was to have sex with him.

Wednesday July 3 PM George and Dorothy Ogilvy's Residence "Grandma." "Yes Kate." "I missed my period this month." "You're pregnant!? " "I'm sorry grandma, I messed up." "You know who the father is? " "I don't want to say, please don't force me to tell you." "Well we'll have to go and see my OB-GYN and talk about an abortion." "I'm not having an abortion, I want this baby." "But you're only seventeen Kate. You'll lose the best years of your life raising a child." "I'm going to have this baby grandma and that's it." "Oh dear, what's your Grandpa going to say? His first assignment as a patrol officer was traffic enforcement which lasted just one year, as his supervisor saw that he had a keen eye for detail.

He spent six months as a detective in the Serious Crimes unit of Charlotte police department and two days ago had been transferred to CP, a special unit of the Marshals Service to track down and arrest pedophiles who posted videos of themselves on the Internet having sex with underage girls and boys. There's little hope of finding out who posted them, as they all use browsers like Tor Browser, which runs the feed through dummy servers that hide the poster's IP address.

I'm more interested in domestic pedophiles, as most are having sex with their daughter's or sons.

All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental.

The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.