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The dog is unhappy with Harv and lets him free, sending Harv toward a brief career in real estate and a failed suicide attempt before he finally decides to follow his destiny and free the Dirt People.He purchases a beautiful Dirt People slave named Bettina, only to set her free, but Bettina, who is tougher than Harv, insists on accompanying him on his quest.

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In 2001, the film was finally given the green light when when Rob Schneider signed on to play Harv and David Zucker () agreed to direct.

They live on a fertile land full of crops and diamonds, but they’re only interested in harvesting dirt.

They use dirt for money, build their huts out a dirt, their kind has a crown made of dirt… The peaceful Dirt People are quickly conquered by the Skull People, an evil tribe, who burn down their village and kidnap all the Dirt People and either kill them or force them into slavery.

The Dirt People kidnap Harv, a newborn baby, and put him into slavery as a baby, forcing him to wear a harness and pull wagons full of Skull People around.

We flash forward to Harv as an adult, and he learns that the Dirt People has a prophecy that he will lead them to freedom and become the Dirt King.