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There were many battles I would have with my Mum over the dreaded outfit that I would be forced to sport for the next venture out of doors.

Wearing those dreaded outfits made me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I blame my passion for all things clothes related on my Mother, for they say; like mother, like daughter.

I have many memories of being dragged around the clothing shops by my Mum and whilst my brothers and I would run through the rails of clothing chasing one another and stealing all the plastic size tags from the tops of the hangers, my Mum would be trying on garment after garment.

In another experiment, researchers asked the subjects in relationships to picture that another woman was flirting with their man, in order to make them jealous.

Then, in a seemingly unrelated task, the women were asked to draw a designer logo.

"When a woman is flaunting designer products, it says to other women 'back off my man.'" To reach that conclusion, researchers conducted five experiments with 649 women of varying ages.

Women who felt their relationships were threatened were willing to spend 32 percent more in order for a chance to win the shopping spree.

They were also shown to want more expensive handbags, cars, cell phones and shoes.

I loved the way my Mum dressed and I could see how the way that she dressed represented her at that particular time, her mood and mindset.

Clothes are an expression to me, they communicate ones values, individualism (or conformity) and most importantly in my mind at least, they communicate how I feel and how I want to be perceived by others on the occasion, be it bright and breezy, professional and serious, relaxed and comfortable to effortless, rebellious etc…