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Regardless of where that sigh falls, decoding what your partner means by the non-verbal sound can be difficult.In that moment, you might not be able to reach your most trusted confidant, plus maybe your confidant isn’t necessarily a professional therapist.When compared to traditional therapy — wherein you have to book a session, drive to your therapist’s office, and pay for an hour of time to discuss what’s bothering you — Relationup is a more convenient and affordable alternative.Every adviser is a vetted professional and holds t least a master’s degree in mental health fields related to therapy and counseling.“Relationup aims to provide immediate access to effective and helpful guidance,” Rhonda said.Internet dating Guidance for ladies really are a little bit not the same as real relationship ideas.

Not only can you use the app anonymously, you can also rate your experience anonymously.By offering live advice right on your mobile device, Relationup hopes to help anyone who needs a sounding board and some professional guidance whenever they need it.The app is currently available through the App Store on i OS, and Rhonda is excited to be working on an Android version now.The Short Version: When you experience an intimate relationship problem, sometimes you don’t want to talk about it with your mom or best friend — you’d rather get the unbiased advice of a professional.Relationup offers affordable and private access to live relationship advisers trained in mental health related fields, like Counseling and Marriage Family Therapy, within a few taps on your mobile device.