Gong yoo dating 2016

In 1998, at the age of 16, Yoo In Na joined YG entertainment as a trainee singer, and even came close to joining a girl group at one point, eventually debuting as an actress.After supporting roles in High Kick Through the Roof and Secret Garden, she rose to fame as the lead actress in Queen In-hyun's Man which led to a supporting character role in the highly-rated My Love from the Star (2013-14).You always have the right to express your opinion about this drama. I still love this drama no matter what the plot is.It is better to have a guy like you who's been very honest about how you feel. hahaha I love Namgoong Min no matter what role he is in to.i will join her fan claub, and already started considering what i shall do as a real fan...it funny? @Sheng Thank you, Sheng, for taking the time to exchange thoughts on this drama.

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On his day of discharge from the army, May 6, 2014, Ji Hyun Woo announced to the press that they have broken up. This versatile Ajusshi, has a wide range of supporting roles under his belt.Let's just put it this way -- the story was good, the actors were great, but the concept was a little awkward.I like this drama specialy ♡ Ahn Dan Tai ♡ but Why you didn't mention the name of Go Na in the list of actors.I'm now in the Egypt working at construction site for refinery, and in the late forties.even i haven't known the female actress before i first saw the drama, and now i can hardly wait to watch the whole again.