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South of Nowhere returned for the remainder of its third season on October 10, 2008 and ended its run on December 12, 2008.South of Nowhere is available to download online on the "TV Shows" section of Apple's i Tunes Store (not available in Canada) and the episodes are formatted for use with the Apple i Pod.The show is also available for download on Amazon Unbox service and viewable on a compatible PC, TV, or portable video player.On all of these copies, the first-season episodes have had the opening and closing theme music replaced with different music (noted above).

On February 28, an official announcement was made at the show's website that this will be the last season. I love all of the producers, writers, directors, and crew who took the series into their hearts and participated in SON as more than a 'job'.The close friendship between Ashley and Spencer led Spencer to question her own sexuality, a subject which created controversy before the show first aired.It was the first series on The N to deal with such a subject relating to the primary characters.Nickelodeon and struck a deal to produce DVDs of new and old Nickelodeon shows.Amazon will be making the discs, cover art, and disc art themselves.