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White-knuckle suspense holds viewers spellbound as characters discover the living quickly can...

Today the do-it-yourself home video market is extremely busy and popular.

That is when Nate realizes he can’t work for such a company and ends up unemployed and heading straight toward alcoholism. Crime drama on American television doesn’t get any better than The Closer. Kevin Bacon) she leads as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson of the Georgia PD that has found herself transplanted to Los Angeles, California to take over as lead officer on their Priority Murder...

Ann Biderman, highly respected as a writer on the NYPD Blue TV series as well as movies (Copycat, Primal Fear), created Southland originally for NBC television.

Young people from all over need help with their weight problems and some are really compelling to hear. What happens after 16-year-old girls become pregnant?

MTV’s Teen Mom TV Show chronicles the lives of four American teenagers who struggle early with family life and some juvenile teen issues relating to dating, school and friends.

It’s really confusing and upsetting, and it leaves you feeling pretty awful. Grab some tissues, and read on: here are 10 tips on how to deal if your crush ghosts you (P. Source: Shutter Stock Whether you've decided to say something or not, one thing's for sure: you definitely shouldn't waste your time waiting for some sort of explanation from him.

Source: Shutter Stock If it's pretty clear that this guy wants nothing to do with you anymore, and you're pissed and angry... It shouldn't be a huge, dramatic scene, but that doesn't mean you can't give him a piece of your mind.