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In Ghana a woman can surely wear shorts, skirt or trousers, but acceptable dressing out of doors is less liberal than the typical women's summer wear in Europe.The Ghanaian woman is still supposed to dress decently.The traditional expectation of Ghanaians about women is that they are supposed to be feminine and more conservative than men in many situations.The Ghanaian culture is very liberal in many areas, so conservatism does not imply "covering one's whole body except the eyes." There are no 'religious or legal scouts' who will harass a woman for her clothes.A white person arriving in Ghana for the first time will experience culture shock because what he will see is diametrically opposed to what he is used to in his country.Culture shock is not only suffered by those who travel and live abroad.

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Another behavioural trend in Ghana was that drivers didn't wait for pedestrians.

Today, there are clearly-marked zebra crossings where drivers will have to wait for pedestrians to pass.

The drivers have no patience at all in traffic jams.

Calling people without titles is difficult for Ghanaians. Ghanaians don't often mention their names during handshake which is a culture shock for tourists. Ghanaian handshakes are often between buddies, probably more common with men. Left-handedness has traditionally been discouraged in the Ghanaian society.

It is an important tradition in Ghana to add a respect-giving title when calling or addressing people. Very amazing to the tourist is the way we snap our middle fingers to make an interesting sound during handshake. Until recently, teachers even discouraged pupils from writing with the left.