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He threatens to sell the land next to the church if Mary doesn't break up with Jack. Michaels) to drop her baby off at a hospital where the baby can go for safe keeping.Simon finds out from Cecilia that a girl from his dating service is pregnant. Lucy wonders if Kevin has ever been with another women after she catches Ben reading her journal.In the midst of a career crisis and much to Annie's dismay, Eric takes a job as a talk DJ at a college radio station, but things become serious fast when Eric and his producer (Usher) find themselves counseling a male student who calls in threatening suicide during his first shift.Meanwhile, Lucy refuses to spend time with Roxanne which puts Kevin in an impossible situation.Meanwhile, Lucy turns to the new associate pastor for advice when she sees Kevin and Roxanne having too much fun dancing at the pool hall.Concerned when he can't find Lucy, Kevin interrupts Simon and Cecilia's date to enlist their help.Meanwhile, Lucy is furious when she and Ruthie spot Kevin and Roxanne in a jewelry store--as she thinks they're picking out her engagement ring together without her.

Meanwhile, Eric is feeling low because he is stuck at home recovering from surgery and really wants to get back to work despite doctor's restrictions, so Annie asks the kids to help make him feel needed by going to him with their problems.Lastly, Kevin has some explaining to do to Lucy after he runs into his ex-wife (Mindy Burbano).Note This is the final appearance of Adam La Vorgna.Elsewhere, Robbie fears that he is losing his place as the "big brother" of the family.Preteen Ruthie brings home her very first boyfriend, and Mary is reluctant to reveal her newest love interest.