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Having completed the first task first, Vince & Sam opt to do the fast forward. Should be simple enough to complete, and they do, making first place pretty obvious.The next destination is the New Pingshi Coal Mine in Shih-Fen. In this road block, one team member must dig through hundreds of kilos of coal to find a souvenir. Completely exhausted from their day of searching, they decide to sleep in the car and try again in the morning.he is definitely a loose cannon, sometimes he goes along werll with the tribe, sometimes he does things that the tribe does not this game, you also have to please your tribemates so you can go far.second, he was a strategist.The first stop is Sony Style in the New Sogo department store, where they will search among 1000 Blu-ray discs for a clue, a dumb luck task of popping discs into players until they get lucky. Considering Geoff & Tisha have arrived by this point, they’ve probably been there 2 hours already.It becomes even more hectic when multiple teams arrive. They decide against the penalty and are the fourth to finish. contains latest update, episode reviews and other relevant to shows shown in local television stations and some cable channels. your one stop guide to philippines reality television.

Eventually, the shop closes, so they have to stop searching and continue with the race.he had his strategy (as he has always claimed) but obviously, it did not work. i would say, its attitude and planning far ahead and not taking the game one tribal council at a can never have a perfect game plan in survivor.Henry & Bernie say they’re calmer now and are taking a different approach.AD & Fuzzie seem to have a loose alliance with Henry & Bernie. Ida & Tania begin discussing the penalty after a while.