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Their food spread is what you would expect from a Super Bowl party, the president said: Wings, pizza, nachos and guacamole.And, he added, there's "the little vegetable tray that nobody touches." But Michelle Obama said there would be two types of salads this year.

Their whirlwind day together changes her perspective on everything, casting a dreary shadow over her return to everyday life and her first year of college.

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Cody and Meg have been inseparable best friends since kindergarten, until Meg got a full scholarship and Cody was left behind in their small Washington town, saving up to join Meg in Seattle.

This is as much a story about mourning as it is about letting go and determining who you’ll be when you grow up, free from the confines of your parents and childhood.

And, FYI, there is a very cute Tragic Guitar Hero in the mix.