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I'm a nursing student, born in Italy and can speak the language 🙂 Although I don't have an accent I can still cook ✌ I love laughing, singing, being a pain in the ass and my sense of humour is somewhat terrible and offensive 😩 I'm an extrovert, love to go out but I'm so broke right now (nursing books cost a fortune) so I'd rather stay in and cuddle or walk my dog 😅 I love my dog, he's the only boy I'd ever take with me everywhere if I could. Witty and adventurous, I enjoy sport, music and life in general. I like to surround myself with people who are comfortable in their own skin; have passion to try new things; enjoy a good laugh and who are open I am very logical, practical and rational, but love to dream about the future and make plans...

I am extremely down to earth, independent, hard working and have lots of friends. I would ultimately love to move back to the country someday for a quieter lifestyle and to fulfil that desire for a big veggie patch, chickens and goats.

A Brisbane based team has recently launched a new app for LGBTIQ dating called Traks dating ([email protected]).

Its going to offer you 3 different ways to meet guys, depending on what you’re looking for; Mr Right or Mr Right Now.

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I'm interested in finding my best friend who will be my soul mate.

ummmm i live in a small town which is why i have sourced to online : P and I'm pretty crappy with it.

i love anything medical and am a secret geek and movie lover.

*I have had a couple of parking tickets, but that’s about as hard-core as I get in the law breaking department…hehe. Hanging out with friends Laughing…hopefully not in that crazy-lady-on-the-train kinda can use either or at any time so if you’re just looking to hookup then have at it, or you can use your dating profile and you shouldn’t get all the messages like ‘you looking? You can even create your own in your area and see how many guys are available.This one’s not for me but I’m sure it has its place.I have a dog who is very cute I must say and loves everyone and gives good hugs I've been told XD.420 friendly I'm down to earth and don't like drama.