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In September 1991, the block was reduced to three hours, from to p.m. However, an additional hour was added in March 1993.In November 1994, the game show block was cut back to only two hours, from to p.m.In June 1987, the channel debuted another original game show, Bumper Stumpers.When it began, the game show block ran for an hour, but expanded significantly the following year.Eastern and Pacific Time (and later, from to a.m.

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Overnights consisted of old low-budget films and film shorts, and music as part of a show called Night Flight.One original series from the 1985-1986 season, Check It Out! USA, wanting to become the flagship cable channel and compete directly with the networks, committed to 26 half-hours of part exclusive off-broadcast network and part original programming for the 1986-1987 season at an increase of million.In one case, the channel picked up Airwolf for 58 off-network episodes, while commissioning 24 new episodes without the original stars.One tradition on USA was an afternoon lineup of game show reruns mixed in with several original low-budget productions that aired over the years.It began in October 1984 with reruns of The Gong Show and Make Me Laugh.