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How to Play: Designate a leader and a timekeeper, and determine a finish line.

The leader secretly hides the pennies while the other players have their back turned.

How to Play: The game begins with one child as "It." He chooses either ounch (up) or neech (down).

If he chooses neech, then the ground is not safe; runners can be tagged out unless they are ounch, up on something like a stump or a rock.

After a trip to the museum, it's only natural that they would incorporate some of these awe-inspiring characters into an imaginative game.

Players: Four or more; ages 4 and up How to Play: Choose one player to be "It" and have her stand, eyes covered, in the center of a large, open playing field.

The point is that there's no set ending number; only "It" knows when she'll stop and open her eyes.

While "It" is counting, the others scatter around, never sure when she'll yell "Agalmata! Tell kids to yell it to be authentic, or to just say "statue" if that's easier.) On this cue, players freeze, taking on poses that mimic famous statues.

They can pull from any statue they've ever seen a photo of -- a javelin thrower, The Thinker, even the Statue of Liberty.

Players: Two or more; ages 5 and up What You'll Need: Five small stones.

How to Play: This traditional childhood game is similar to the American "jacks." Player 1 scatters five small stones on the ground.