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If your date's favorite band might be playing in the near future, surprise them and pick up some tickets as a gift. Don't worry, you don't need to kiss-and-tell after your turn. Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker.If the show is months away, watch some live concerts on TV together and download some music to listen to together, so you can get pumped for your upcoming concert date. She was an early adopter of the Internet and is the CEO of Cyber Dating This nonprofit deconstructs buildings that would otherwise be demolished and refabricates building materials for resale. Spanning about 3.5 miles, the tour hits landmarks like Eads Bridge, the Arch and the Old Courthouse in addition to topics like St. Get out of the house and over to Illinois, where you can explore the beautiful Great River Road along the Mississippi River. Or, you could be really cool and dig for treasures at Refab. Take the city's coolest bus tour with Renegade STL. Photo courtesy of Renegade STL." data-title="Take the city's coolest bus tour with Renegade STL. A scenic drive and quality beer will make for a great day.Dance the night away at Club Viva, Casa Loma Ballroom or Thaxton Speakeasy. All three of these places offer free lessons on specific evenings. " data-title="Dance the night away at Club Viva, Casa Loma Ballroom or Thaxton Speakeasy. All three of these places offer free lessons on specific evenings. There's nothing like a little repurposing and redecorating project to test a relationship, after all. Louis’ early fur-trading days and local celebrities like Nelly. Cap off the day with a visit to Old Bakery Beer Company, which makes sustainable, hand-crafted beers. " data-title="Drive the Great River Road, then drink up at Old Bakery Beer Company in Alton.

You can make a day of it or spend the night, but it's sure to be an adventure no matter your itinerary. " data-title=" ventured into both rural Missouri and Illinois this past summer to dig up some of the area's best road trips. We all have different interests, but who doesn't like to laugh? The zoo offers minimal pressure and no financial loss for all you commitment-phobics out there. Plus, the seats are couches, which means you can make out during the movie without an arm rest jabbing into your side. " data-title="Canoodle at the Moolah Theatre and Lounge. If you want to spice things up or just impress your partner your creativity, here are fifteen things to do right here in St. Whether you're meeting up with your Tinder date or going out with your longtime partner yet again, it's sure to be a time to remember.Pretend you're on vacation and opt for an in-room dining alternative. It helps with relaxation, so take him to a cooking class, where the two of you can whip up a fancy meal. Plus, Shakespeare said, "If music be the food of love, play on." Make your Valentine's a night of music.You can take care of the appetizers and main course, but ask your date for input on the dessert the menu. Having warm oil massaged into your body is surely a treat. Find a place to go for dessert together, with your menus in hand and order chocolate. Buy your Valentine a music CD or create a playlist, then stay in and watch a recorded concert on TV.Even if you can't find a class anywhere, take your Valentine dancing at a local spot with live music anyway! Remember to kiss your Valentine when you're staring at the stars together. Whether it's ice-skating or roller-skating, take your Valentine to the closest rink in town. When she arrives at the destination, send her a second clue requesting a Skype or Face Time chat where you can wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day, video style.Then hold your date tight as you ride the roller coaster together. Snap some photos and post them on Instagram (with permission from your date). You'll find yourselves reminiscing about your childhood memories, while you get a little physical activity. Third, send another text message on where you'd like her to go next.