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The Loan Dolphin knows they're pretending, and says that Junior has to pay by midnight, or else they will be in big trouble, even accidentally clicking, which is natural for all dolphins.Junior asks what will happen if they don't pay the promised ,000.It’s a good way to help students effectively manage their money without worrying about the hassles of writing checks for day-to-day purchases.

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Junior tries to argue, but Goodman walks up behind him and introduces himself.

He says that he CAN spend it on anything, just as long as it is not over the limit.

Chef Pee Pee reminds him that Junior is a child, credit cards are for adults, and that Junior doesn't know what to do in spending credit cards.

Cody warns him that he might run to the limit if he keeps spending money and that Goodman would want to get the money back. The duo complain about how rude the cashier was and how mean Cody was abandoning them.

Junior, at first, listens to Cody and stops using the money, to Cody's delight, but Joseph tells Junior to buy a trampoline with the card. They try to go back on the bounce castle, only to realize that it's deflated.

Fuck free ebony no credit card