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But if I ever joined a dating site (and at age 23 I definitely would not), 90% of my friends would make fun of me.

This got me thinking – online dating must be a generational trend.

ciao Send Message Ref ID:866ad922-8fd5-4be5-90b1-00720d7fd2ba Hi everyone, I've been living in Hong Kong for 5 years and despite many encounters, still can't find anyone like-minded.

I am more of an introvert and I like spending time at home cooking, watching documentaries or playing video games.

Many of BI’s readers were appreciative of the advice and seemed open to online dating services. The 50 crew is higher than my age group also, with an Index of 114.

Looking for female friends or date as well between age 18-36 to spend time after work or on weekends.

We can go for food, drink or some other activities together.

Optimistic, talkative, full of energy and open to any topic.

Feel free to share anything you wish like life, work, family...