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The reason I was a bit hesitant was because Susan had been a bit of a party girl back in college.

At least that’s what I heard from various people, and from her when she had drunk a bit too much.

My assistant Nicole asked me a bunch of questions from a readers point of view.

I get e-mails and comments regarding a lot of these questions so I felt this would be the best way to get back to everyone.

Still, though, as nervous as I was, I was also a bit turned on. Susan herself is a beautiful girl, with shoulder-length brunette hair and a great smile.She’s average height, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom.She admitted that she ran with a “crazy” crowd, and had “hooked up” with almost all the guys in it.I didn’t know what she meant by “hooking up,” but I decided not to ask.

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