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Free-Range Kids believes that Adam’s ordeal is not making children any safer.

At the same time, people with intellectual disabilities are at grave risk of being branded as “sex offenders” when they are actually innocent in so many senses of the word.

He appeared before magistrates at Aberystwyth on 8 October, where he was additionally charged with the unlawful concealment and disposal of a body.She also urged us to go to and sign the petition for “Abolish the Sex Offender Registry.” And she invited us to visit the very spare LIRRD site where it says: makes little or no attempt to understand this population or to recognize their unique needs, supports and challenges.Criminal prosecutions of these individuals often lead to disastrous consequences for children and their families without any benefit to the public.Our goal is to make changes that will save these children from the unnecessary cruelty that the criminal justice system is putting them through.Implementing this goal will require educating legislators, prosecutors and judges about this population and their need to be understood, rather than prosecuted, by the legal system.