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It has been widely circulated on the Internet that Sterling St. I didn't meet him until he was nineteen when he came to live with my family for three months. My father's name was Sterling also, as was his father who was Sterling's grandfather.

Jacques passed away due to complications from AIDS. From my searching there is no reliable source to prove this as true. There has not been one person who has spoken about his life and times. Sterling was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in September,1949. They were not related and Sterling was not adopted by him. My sister spoke to him in 1984 and he told her that he was dreadfully ill.

Raymond told him to call the police and then come out shooting at the bad men (In this case not the L. He immediately set up the Robert May Trust Fund hoping Hollywood celebrities would help contribute to getting this child a fair trial.

In Jet magazine, he told a reporter that he was in the middle of filming an episode of Wonder Woman (in L.

Black model Mounia (above) was the first African-American model to write a book on modeling, "Princesse Mounia." Mounia's actual name is Monique-Antoine, she felt the unusual combination had power, granting her a special connection. JACQUES-PARTY BOY ICON) Not much is known about Sterling St.

She worked at the airport in Fort-de-France as an announcer and she was also an on-ground hostess at Orly airport in Paris. He would take you under his wing and become like a father figure to you. Jacques, Howard Rollins (above) and Paul Winfield were discreet running buddies and often turned up in the gay district (Castro) in San Francisco where they partied the night away in clubs such as D. Jacques (far left with Pat Cleveland in black tux) except he came, he saw and he danced. Jacques – a model and overall leggy, beautiful creature – was the “nephew” (a title later upgraded to “son”) of actor Raymond St. Although he studied at Los Angeles City College for a time, St.

It wasn't until 1976, when an important American client withdrew her patronage from Givenchy after Mounia modeled a suit before her. Jacques’s origins are fuzzy – no actual record of his birth date or birthplace can be found, though he was rumored to be either Brazilian or Jamaican.

No one (of the living and knew him well) has gone on record to deeply and publicly reflect on their times together. He is listed in the family records as being born Sterling Colter. He had a difficult childhood, and he yearned for fame and fortune.

Many comments are very brief and only mention what a great dancer he was and his stunning good looks. Not sure if his mother legally changed his name to Sterling Thomas after she married for the second time. I'm happy that he was able to live the glamorous life for over a decade.