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I have been similarly challenged by how to confront this issue and how to get the balance right between painting lateral violence as another problem of a troubled people and explaining its historical context without apportioning blame.Addressing lateral violence will require significant courage, goodwill and determination but I think the gains will be immense.In coming to this view, I’ve been buoyed by the encouragement I have received whenever I have raised this issue with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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It can also be a sustained attack on individuals, families or groups. As Text Box 2.1 notes, it is important to understand that lateral violence doesn’t just refer to physical violence but also social, emotional, psychological, economic and spiritual violence.When a child experiences the death of a parent, the emotional trauma can be devastating.But until recently, few studies have examined the impact of this type of loss relative to the age of the child and the quality of parenting that the child received after the loss.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities face many challenges and sadly some of the divisive and damaging harms come from within our own communities.Ask any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person and they will tell you stories of the back stabbing, bullying and even physical violence perpetrated by community members against each other.