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Suda states that No More Heroes 2 will be Travis' last appearance in the series, as his story will be completely finished.The Californian setting of No More Heroes is partially based on Travis, who Suda stated had a variety of frustrations and emotions that helped him fit in with that setting.Both can cut through any material, but the mechanism of the Beam Katana involves a beam loop rather than simply a handle, and can also be charged or shoot energy projectiles.

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After the last game, it is revealed that Travis has become a legend among assassins as someone who managed to walk away from the Number One Rank.He was created by Goichi Suda and voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in the first two games.He was illustrated by Yūsuke Kozaki, and his clothing was designed by Takeshi Uechi.Travis' name, like other characters' names in No More Heroes, comes from its sound rather than its meaning.He stated that it is a name that sounds cool to Japanese people, but not as much to Western people.