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This guide shows you how to accept credit cards for all types of selling needs, plus explains rates, disputes, fraud protection, and more.

Before we dive in, the credit card processing solution that tops our list for small businesses is Square.

Smart Start members will pay .95 per month if used.

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Other require you to have a separate payment gateway account.

Most payment gateways also include a virtual terminal to accept payments for phone sales, invoice payments, and recurring charges.

It’s quick to set up, has tons of features with no monthly fees, and works anywhere you do, in retail stores, on websites, via mobile, and more. If you’re new to accepting credit cards, here are some key industry terms that we refer to throughout this guide: A Merchant Account is an account that lets you accept and process credit card payments and get paid by the credit card companies.

If approved, you complete the sale and your merchant account provider deposits the funds into your account, generally within 1-2 days.

Being able to accept credit cards as a form of payment can really help grow your business.

It’s an obvious necessity for online sellers, plus is proven to increase in-store sales by 40%.

Some, like Square and Pay Pal, are all-in-one solutions that support all types of payments from one central account.

That means wherever you accept payments: in-store, using a mobile card reader, via an online store, or through a virtual terminal, all sales are managed within a single account and subject to simple, flat-rate fees.