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They are often aware and listening even when adults think that they are unaware, playing or distracted.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy has been proven again and again, where what a child is told about himself, he becomes and believes.If the girl did not want to say hello (out of fear, shyness, discomfort), the play therapy response would have been to reflect her feeling and acknowledge her choice.“You are choosing not to say hello” or “You do not want to say hi right now.”My husband and I know a couple who has three kids, and they struggle with their middle child’s behavior.One two year old girl did not want to say hello, even after her mom tried to push the issue.She shook her head for the last time, and her mom said, “No, you are going to be the rude one and not say hello to anyone.”Self-responsibility is developed by being given the opportunity to make choices and accept consequences for actions.