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I am looking for a man who will respect, appreciate and take care of me. Unfortunately, I don’t have much free time, but when I do I try to spend it most usefully. My future husband should have a good sense of humor because our life is too serious and we can only survive here because of it. It helps me to keep myself in a good shape and feel healthy. When I have some spare time I also tend to hang out with friends and have fun.

To my mind, relationships are similar to building the house of your dream.

We have to be both ready to build a future together and realize we need each other when we look into each other's eyes.

I am a student and all my leisure time I spend doing something with my friends as I live apart from my family.

I dream to dance these two passionate dances with my future lover. I am looking for someone who dreams about a strong family and for whom family values are as important as they are important for me. We can find our mutual goal and and try to achieve it together, helping and supporting each other.

I try to do everything that will raise my mood and make me happy. I want to see a confident and self-sufficient man near me who understands what he is looking for and what he wants to achieve in this life. Also I want to share all my hobbies and desires with my love. Nearly everyone needs some time for relaxing and doing what she likes. As I am a serious lady I want to find a man with whom I can be myself and defenseless. I also try to learn English cause I think that it is very important to know it nowadays.