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Or seeing his or her new bedmate en route to the bathroom in the morning? (“If you want to live the life of a soap opera," Hummer says, "go for it! A twentysomething living situation doesn’t make her much more comfortable with her boyfriend’s: “I’m not jealous of her, in the ‘she's going to have sex with my boyfriend when I'm not around kind of way,’ but in the way that her needs in the apartment are also his needs.

So now they have a shared responsibility and a shared interest," she explains.

“I've found that with boys who are never or rarely jealous, it doesn't matter who your roommate is," Karen says.

"That's not to say boys are magic and don't possess insecure thoughts, this just isn't the area they exhibit them.”DON’T: LEAVE A MESS, NO MATTER YOUR GENDERContrary to popular belief, women are not necessarily the tidier sex.

Also, its water is packed with lithium instead of sulfur, so it doesn't stink like rotten egg.

"Things can get seriously ugly, especially if one has stronger feelings for the other.”But let’s say you've already done the dirty deed.

It's best to prepare yourself early on for it not going anywhere. DO: EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLEWhile your roommate may be off limits, that doesn't mean you can't befriend their friends.

“The pictures on the poster were all phallic in nature, but not in an obvious way." Luckily, she didn't mind it enough to protest. Ultimately, whoever pays for the furniture and decor will have the upper hand. And as anyone who’s lived in a shoebox apartment in New York City knows, cabinet space is valuable as hell. A makeup-loving girl "could set up a little vanity unit in her bedroom and keep all of her makeup there rather than crowd out all of the space in the bathroom," Hummer says. Common spaces are called “common spaces” for a reason. “I tell my clients, dress like you do in front of you parents," Hill says.

In an earlier rental, however, the guys she lived with never bothered to buy a kitchen table. “If one roommate is willing to fund the furniture purchases, that person should be able to influence the ,” Hummer says, “with some input from the other roommate.” Which brings us to the next point: DON’T: MONOPOLIZE COMMUNAL AREASWomen shouldn’t leave makeup all over the bathroom counter, but if a guy isn’t using the cabinet space, it’s fair game, Hill says. DO: DRESS APPROPRIATELYSo, is it okay for ladies to walk around without a bra? "If you feel comfortable walking around with no bra on in front of your own father and your roommate is okay with it, then let ‘em out!