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the reason alien frame work is disabled is because the mod author wrote the mod in a way that it messes up things alein framework does.if u read back far enough in the CP thread u will read how he did it that way cause he dont want to indulge people in their fantises about furris. far as a freind told me the only thing that needs to be did is everything pushed to hugs handling instead of detours.siince it uses detours the last detour will alwsays overwrite any others that do same thing.I'm not seeing any further activity on that github after the first day post.

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# Candid Pornstar Is a unique sex site taking you behind the scenes to watch your favorite sluts backstage.) in order to allow them to do dumb labor, but that brings up the question why I have a colonist knocked up by a thrumbo in my current game, perhaps advanced intelligence is enough, or it only checked for tooluser on the mother.Keep up the good work, by the way; I'm fairly curious to see where this is going. My colonies almost always start with some family love set by Prepare Carefully, but I never see them have sex, and they always have the sex need debuff. Confusingly, my most recent colony has had one child born of incest, plus a miscarriage and one pregnancy in progress that were both probably incestuous too.Seems to throw up an error on monster girls at least where they can actually get a human pregnancy, haven't ran them to term as it seems to bug out human human pregnancies and no-one will get knocked up after that, save editting can remove the hdiff from the monstergirls if it messes with your save.Not a programmer just messing with the code, but monstergirls might get knocked up as their classed as tool users (?