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It is important that you use all resources available to you in financing your education.New students in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies must complete CCU's Application for Admission and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to receiving a financial aid award.The Colorado Opportunity Fund is considered a grant for students attending private institutions such as Colorado Christian University; therefore, it may replace a portion of other need-based aid or merit-based tuition awards.By law, the COF stipend at a private university is 50% of the stipend provided at a state institution.To qualify for federal financial aid, continuing students must complete the FAFSA on an annual basis.Students must also be enrolled in coursework that satisfies the degree requirements for an eligible program of study.The following is a list of free scholarship search engines that are recommended by CCU's Service Central office.

Eligibility is based on a formula which is revised and approved by Congress annually.

Each school is given an allotment, which they must then award to the students with the most need.

If you are not Pell eligible you will not receive these funds.

The COF stipend is a per credit hour dollar amount that is determined by the Colorado State Legislature, and is subject to annual state funding availability.

Eligible students who attend a private Colorado college or university must meet the following criteria: Eligible students must submit the College Opportunity Fund stipend application on the College Assist Web site and will not be eligible for this stipend until this application is completed.