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High server costs from hosting the large amount of user-generated content paired with little to no user-generated income puts Porn 2.0 websites in a challenging financial position.

Because Porn 2.0 services have, so far, been free of charge to users, the only source of revenue for these sites is from advertising placement.

The domain name was registered by a company in December 2005, and a little over a year later You Porn Mobile was promoting mobile porn as well.

The site was owned by Mid Stream Media International N.

Thus there is an ever-growing amount of free images and videos made available and shared through social media like Tumblr, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

This therefore creates a whole new accessibility for pornographic material.

Various Porn 2.0 websites exist that have a majority of free promotional and user-generated material.

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As with You Tube, any site that allows users to upload content runs the risk of infringing on the copyrights of the original producers. It is possible that users upload material without the models' consent.To solve these problems temporarily, a method of implementation of zero-dollar charge credit card verification is implemented in Max Porn and RTA & age verification consent in Porno Tube respectively. This required that all producers of sexually explicit material keep detailed records of the age and identity of all models that they shoot.For Porn 3.0, news media often suggest the usage of 3D stereoscopy, As more and more of the general public comes online, they are finding newer and cheaper ways to get their adult content fix. While this posed some difficulty for professional producers of commercial pornography, the advent of user-submitted material to Porn 2.0 sites widened the possible application of the law.Since their inception, Porn 2.0 Web sites have garnered great popularity, but have meanwhile encountered various legal and other difficulties.Among these difficulties are concern about the digital content copyright, trade media and affiliating partnership advertising. privacy in Security 2.0 and legal ramifications of large quantities of free, user-generated pornographic content on the Internet.