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Some no longer offer student cards; others switched to pushing debit cards on campus. Once a student is able to qualify for a regular card on his or her own, it's important to remember that not all credit cards are the same, says Clarky Davis, former spokeswoman for Care One Credit Counseling, a debt relief service provider based in Columbia, Md.

Also know that when you receive a credit card that's all yours -- one with no co-signers -- the responsibility for handling the card wisely and repaying your debts falls squarely on your shoulders. and formally known as the "Debt Diva." Before a student applies for a credit card, "He or she must do some research to find a card with the most benefits -- a lower interest rate, no annual fees, reasonable credit limits and clear billing policies." If you think you might carry a balance, go with a no-frills, low interest credit card.

Building good credit is a must: It will help you qualify for loans, auto insurance, rental applications, cell phone plans and can even affect whether you get a job. The Credit CARD Act, most of which took effect in 2010, changed the rules of the game.

However, put simply, it still all comes down to being responsible.

A reward credit card may sound cooler, but the higher annual percentage rate (APR) and possible annual fee won't be worth it.

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While becoming an authorized user has long been a popular choice for students aiming to build good credit, for some it may now be the only choice.

In the wake of the Credit CARD Act, people under the age of 21 now must have a co-signer or show proof of independent income if they want to get approved for a card in their own name. If you can provide proof of income, it may be time to apply for a card in your name.

Free adult chats without needing a credit card