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If you happen to Google “Saturday Night Live tickets,” you’ll be met with an official NBC website that details exactly how to go about getting tickets — which really means, “how to go about not getting tickets at all.” "Saturday Night Live"is such a desired entertainment commodity (and no, we can’t keep calling it a “hot ticket”) that people who want to attend the show need to jump through the kind of hoops that no other live show offers. (Full disclosure: I attended "SNL"as the guest of an attendee who was invited to the show by "SNL," but I’ve certainly tried to email lottery process before and intend to again. Maybe, but I hope it’s a forgivable one.) "Saturday Night Live"does something that’s both pretty remarkable and absolutely necessary — the show puts on shows each Saturday night that it’s in season.No, really — you name another show where you request tickets but can’t even request a date for those tickets. At 8 p.m., they run through a full dress rehearsal (cue flashbacks to high school theatre), a jam-packed two-hour show that’s purposely overstuffed with material, because audience reaction and overall feel will help dictate what gets cut from the final show.Here are 5 things we can learn about the movie, based on the trailer, before its UK release later next month.

This is not a criticism — once you see the stuffed studio, there’s no question that the set design of each sketch is done with one thing in mind: that it can actually fit in the space allotted to it. The “Legolas at Taco Bell” bit was much longer at dress, and included an entire gag about Samberg as Legolas mistaking other Taco Bell customers for Orcs, promptly shooting them in the process.

I admittedly was a little annoyed reading up on film cameras, because I didn't plan to ever have to use one, but, if you're going to be assisting cinematographers in particular, you don't want to have to pass up an opportunity because you know nothing about film cameras. A mobile phone's video is a start, but you probably want to practice with a tripod at some point (can be very cheap), and then see what other tricks you can come up with... Honestly, cinematographers range between artists who do just that, crafting shadows and colors and emotion into their imagery...

wheeled chairs, swinging contraptions, in-vehicle shots. Try recording a scene on a boat, or, a fan favorite, in an airplane, zooming over the desert.

It looks like this film will be a profound and comedic masterpiece, with established and fantastic actors, that I - for one - cannot WAIT to see.

It's not long to go now - the cinematic release date has been set for September 30th 2016 here in the UK.