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Charlotte Chang, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Labor Occupational Health Program Charlotte Chang is a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at the University of California, Berkeley.

She received her Dr PH from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and her MPH from the University of Michigan.

Prior to her work at UC Berkeley, Lisa worked extensively in the community health field conducting community based public health research, leading trainings, and coordinating health communication projects.

She received her masters degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School and her doctoral degree from the UCB’s School of Public Health.She currently works for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, School Health Services Coalition whose goal is create health and education equity through community schools.Kimi is responsible for coordination, planning and implementation of school-based/linked health programming.Evert is a longtime advocate for global health medical education quality and ethical standards.She has completed international work in Kenya, Guatemala, Australia, and Cuba, served as an officer and board member of IFMSA-USA, and has authored lay and academic articles in the field of global health and ethics in medical education.